Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Don't even know what's going on this morning haha! Woke up pretty early because of my bloody neighbours banging and moving things and then playing the guitar very, very badly! It's the most annoying sound when you want to sleep. So, I got up at 8:00a.m after a weird sleeping night. I moved my room around yesterday which took up a lot of my day. Literally can't wait for it to all be done out and refurbished and everything! Already bought some new things. Think I'm going to do a haul once I've bought everything. I'm doing a birthday haul too of all the things I got and even maybe the things I buy. I've got work in 30 minutes which is going to be horrible, really can't be bothered today because the whether is lovely. Get to see my boyfriend later, unless he falls asleep when he gets home from work. Either way, I'll wake him up! Yay! Right, so off to work I go. Bye! Work wasn't actually that bad, my legs and feet just killed afterwards. I got a lift off the woman I work with though. She's a new driver which was weird haha. I'm starting swimming tomorrow with my mum and just exercising all day. Going out with my brother for a bit and then just relax at night. Think I'm going out with my boyfriend for a while then sleep for years. 

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