Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sorry Zoe!

I'm totally cringing over what I just sent to Zoella. I'm so awkward and strange. My room is a mess too so I really need to move from my bed and do something practical with my life. I keep forgetting what day it is. I thought I was meant to be in work today so I got up and ready, only to realise I'm not in until tomorrow at 11a.m. Pay day on Saturday. It's my birthday a week Saturday and I'm getting paid this Saturday and I'll be getting birthday money and going shopping, so I'm hoping my first YouTube video will be a haul. Should be fun. Or I might get my mum and create a Mum Tag. Haha. That would be the strangest video ever. So, say you were speaking to someone 6 time zones away (UK-America) and you could feel yourself fall for this guy. You don't call each other a couple, like, girlfriend and boyfriend because you're too far away. But you don't want to explain the wholeee story to a bunch of people, what would you call each other? Then, what do you do if one of your ex's, one you thought you got rid of completely, started texting you again but didn't say who it was.. Even though I know because he sent me a youtube link to our song. 

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