Thursday, 12 July 2012


Must get up and get ready for work. So happy I get to watch the whole of Jezza though! Apart from when I'm in the shower. Off to do my exercises, have some breakfast, have a shower then get ready. Bon Voyage. That sounds so posh ha.  Just got home from work. Had some foodies. Jacket potato with cheese and beans. Was lush. Also just had apple crumble and custard that my bosses mum made in work. Speaking to my 'boyfriend' and a few mateys. Thought I was in work tomorrow but text my boss to ask him and he said he doesn't need me which is lovely. Then off out to my mums friend (I call her Nanny Pat, because she's like my nan and like my mums mum) for a curry which should, hopefully be nice haha! It's 12:00a.m here in the UK and I'm eating a peach and blasting all the old school tunes and holiday music. Trying to get in the mood. It's tiring! Might get a good book out and read for an hour or so then off to sleep I go! 

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