Thursday, 30 August 2012

Home sweet home, not.

I got back off holiday on Tuesday. It was a nice break without doubt. I had a lot to think about and the holiday was the right time to decide the big things in life. I would spend nearly every day out by the pool sunbathing. It was about 42 Celsius at the highest. I would leave my mum by the pool quite early so I could go back to the apartment to shower and get changed. I mostly thought about the future. I was trying to find myself. I was putting myself in different scenarios so I would see how I would get myself out of it. I met some really lovely people while on holiday, some I got really close to. They inspired me to choose what I really want to do and it's work with children, as a Child Rep or in Kid's club. I wouldn't even mind becoming a Holiday rep and try to become team leader like the one woman I got close to. I will start my life completely in 2 years when I get my A levels. My brother isn't too happy with the choices I'm making as he think I'll be a bum doing it but I think he's wrong. I will travel the world. Whether it's alone or with my boyfriend. I will.


  1. Same thing at here. Never let your dreams aside, do what makes you happy, otherwise you'll regret it. I'm going to New-Zealand for a year. As I live in the Netherlands it's on the other side of earth. My boyfriend is not to happy with that, but I've always known that I want to travel around the world, and my aunt and uncle live in New-Zealand so why not? If your boyfriend really loves you, he'll come with you or come visit you like my boyfriend does! But really, there are so many beautiful things to see: go see it!

    With love,

    Confessions of a blonde

  2. You're right. Congratulations on following your dreams. It's a bit difficult with me because of the job I want it'll be difficult on my boyfriend but I suppose we'll get through it. Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper. Plus, I'm sure your aunt and uncle will be just as excited to see you!
    Keep smiling!
    Lots of love,