Wednesday, 5 September 2012


So, I was trying to record a video for my new YouTube channel thinking that it'll all work and be ok even though I'm using my crappy phone to record. Baring in mind I can't edit these videos. I was in the middle of recording a requested video and BOOM the door knocks, hello Mr Postman. I went back to recording and BOOM again, my phone fell.. Making me try for the 3rd time to record. Last time, I was recording.. my headphones broke. Broke to the extent they won't even play music anymore so I've got to splash out £6 on a new pair of bloody headphones. The thing is, my I-pod is fixed and is coming home today but I can't listen to the music until Saturday. Although, I've made progress with my 2 year plan and I got the sweetest package today!

Waiting to go shopping with my mum. Watching Jeremy Kyle to kill time. Also watched Letters to Juliet. Cute movie. Tired already though. I won't be able to speak to my boyfriend tonight either which is a shame.

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