Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rough times.

So yesterday was a little rough for me. It was the first day back in work for over two weeks. I was dreading it. I guess at the beginning it was ok. Until my boss gave me literally a ton of jobs to do because the other girl I work with couldn't make it in. We had a buffet for 35 people and I was stuck doing sandwiches and all the little things like crisps and sausages etc. It was so much hard work. Too much for a first day back. I'm going to be writing my CV and then I'll be giving it out to every single person. I'll hopefully be staying in the bakery until just after Christmas then I have to break the news to him and tell him I'm going. I should really do it now but I don't want to say anything just in case I don't get the job. It's hard work. I miss my boyfriend, too. Which doesn't help matters. Although, I'm starting my new diet and exercise routine tomorrow. My niece is staying over tonight and I'm getting my school stuff tomorrow with my mum and niece which is always exciting and then on Tuesday we're spending the day with my niece and my brothers dog (who loves me, too). I literally don't have a clue when I'll be starting my Youtube channel. I've been getting so many asks about it on Tumblr that it's all getting a bit too much again. Now I remember why I deleted it the last time. Life. How do I change the layout to this? Someone.. please tell me.

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