Saturday, 19 January 2013

This week has been by far the weirdest one yet. On the 13th, I worked on a different department in work which I hope can become a permanent thing. I can't even remember what I did on the Monday, it must've been well exciting. On the 15th I got told by a girl in work that she believes that I can do well with my life. Basically spent the 16th-19th with my best friend. It snowed so heavy on the Thursday night, and Friday we had no school but I was meant to be working but I got snowed in and public transport was shut down so I couldn't get anywhere. So, I spent two nights staying over my best friends house. It was a laugh. I spoke to her dad about school and his opinion on what I should do about college and everything and he gave me some great advice. I'm so lucky to have them to speak to. On Friday I got persuaded to go outside in the snow, even though I hate being cold, and I ended up making a half of a snowman (we gave up) and my best friend, her little brother and me ended up having a snow ball fight. I woke up this morning aching so bad and I still am. I've got a toothache too. It's not been a good day today to be honest. But, think positive and there will be more positive outcomes. I hope it snows over night now so I don't have to go into work again. Haha. Although it would be a loss of money which is never good. I've watch Miranda series 1 and 2, Monsters Inc and I'm currently watching Footloose then going to sleep. Goodnight x

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