Sunday, 13 January 2013

vent my feelings.

Work was a nightmare yesterday. I spoke to my manager and asked him if I could work a Saturday again and he said yeah, work 8:30-5. I go into work yesterday and the supervisor told me I'm not supposed to be in and that she doesn't have a till for me. So she takes one person off their till and puts me on it. It's a cash only till which means anyone using card can't go to my till. I get asked by one of the staff off gardens to scan something through for him, I do and my till completely stops working and shuts off. As the supervisor tries to fix it, I'm left to tidy the department. Then she comes over to me about 15 minutes later and tells me to go home and asked if I could work tomorrow (today) and I actually agreed! But then I spoke to the store manager when I got home, because he lives across the road from me and hopefully I'm moving to a department. That would honestly be amazing if I could, but who knows. Anyway, that's my rant out of the way. I'm debating whether to stop doing this blog and write stories on here instead, a chapter at a time or something? Short and long stories, maybe even poems. I'm getting all these ideas and i feel as though I'm actually growin up and it scares me. So I'm working 10-5 today so I will let ya know how it goes later.

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